• Code repository for SAMNet multi-commodity flow-based algorithm
  • Web server for SAMNetWeb tool for using SAMNet easily
  • SAMNet relies on the garnet tool to map gene expression changes to transcription factors, now part of the Omics Integrator package. All code is available at the GitHub repository.
Collaborators and affiliations
  • NF Data Portal: a resource for Neurofibromatosis-related data and publications that was launched as part of the NF Open Science Initiative (NF-OSI) when I was at Sage Bionetworks.
  • The Fraenkel Lab: a wet/dry lab with a focus on algorithms to understand epigenetic and transcriptional changes in Type 2 diabetes, neurodegenerative disease and cancer. My home for the past 4 years.
  • The Sharp Lab: studying RNA biology and in particular microRNAs. My primary collaboration during my postdoc.
  • The breast cancer informatics group at McGill: The new name of the Hallett lab at McGill, where I completed my Masters and PhD degrees.
  • Columbia University: Where I received my BA in CS.
  • Microsoft: My former employer.
Teaching and Community Building
Funding Resources

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