Life at Sage

So I landed a new position at Sage Bionetworks and started six months ago.  My job is a great mix of research, outreach and project coordination, so right up my alley.  Recently we compiled short videos about life at Sage, so here is a video of myself and my colleague Mette riding into work!  

See my answers to 101 questions

Earlier this week I was contacted by Keith Bradnam, at the UC Davis Genome Center, to participate in his “101 Questions with a Bioinformatician” series. His blog has some great content about Bioinformatics education as well as insightful comments about Bioinformatics acronyms. I’d definitely recommend following his blog (full list of Blogs To Follow forthcoming) […]

Omics Integrator is now in Beta

Just a quick note to highlight that we are submitting the Omics Integrator Protocol and are recruiting Beta testers. To check it out, just head over to the Omics Integrator website and download the code. This tool is ideal to improve interpretation of gene expression data, as it enables the identification of regulating transcription factors […]

Code usability in computational biology

While providing a link to a tar.gz file to a colleague has long been the ‘gold standard’ of code-sharing in computational biology, parsing someone else’s code is often close to impossible.  So, I’ve been working to try to make some of the code we use in my postdoctoral laboratory more useable by people outside the […]